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With just under 500 entries, the ever popular Wallingford SiS Long Distance Sculls kicked off the head season for many rowers. The morning head wind died down and the sun shone throughout the day. There was some great racing and the hosts left with six wins themselves, the most of any club. Wallingford’s masters men brought home the largest collection of wins with Mike Edge winning masters category D singles for the fourth year in a row and Andy Hull winning masters B singles for the second year running. Sean Morris won the masters F in his single and Ted Garlick and Ken Houston beat the competition to take first place in masters G doubles category. Wallingford’s women were also well represented on the winner’s podium with Brianna Stubbs taking first place in the women’s senior singles and Katrina Garnett winning the women’s novice singles.

Winning crews
Mas.B.1x Andy Hull
Mas.D.1x Mike Edge
Mas.F.1x Sean Morris
Mas.G.2x Ken Houston, Ted Garlick
W.Sen.1x Brianna Stubbs
W.Nov.1x Katrina Garnett


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