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This weekend saw the Metropolitan Regatta taking place with some outstanding results from Wallingford. Wallingford had four wins on Saturday including Jack Thompson, Gavin Sheehan, Cameron Smith and Nic Crease who put in a great performance to win the IM2 coxless four category. Wallingford's Anna Reid also had a successful day on Saturday winning the women's senior singles but it was Caroline Greves and Brianna Stubbs who took the double victory of the day, doubling up to win both the women's elite and women's senior doubles by 12'' and 10'' respectively. Their success continued on Sunday when the two went on to win the women's elite lightweight double by 34'' and the women's senior double by 27''. Other Wallingford crews also performed well including Wallingford's Minna Jones-Walters who came second on Sunday in the women's IM3 singles, and a women's IM1 double who narrowly missed out on qualifying for their final.

Winning crews

IM2.4- Jack Thompson, Gavin Sheehan, Cameron Smith, Nic Crease
W.ELI.2x Caroline Greves, Brianna Stubbs
W.SEN.2x Caroline Greves, Brianna Stubbs
W.SEN.1x Anna Reid

W.Lwt.ELI.2x Caroline Greves, Brianna Stubbs
W.SEN.2x Caroline Greves, Brianna Stubbs

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