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The men’s and women’s veteran squads have once again proved that age is no barrier to moving boats.

The WRC Men’s C 4x, crewed by Peter King, Andy Hull, Mike Edge and Harry Powell, won overall, retaining the headship for the second consecutive year.

The Men’s G 4-, a Wallingford/Quintin composite, made up of Sean Morris, Colin Cusak and Charles Parry of WRC and Tom Bishop from QBC, also scored a win. Not content with coming first in their own category, they also beat all of the D, E and F crews, adding insult to injury for their competitors by claiming to have had “a bad row.”

Meanwhile the Women’s D 4x continued its winning streak. Alice Brown, Christy Job, Julia Wilkes, Rachel Edge added another gong to an impressive 2014 haul which has already seen them win at the Vet Championships and European Masters.


Check out this video of the WD4x in action (they're well tidy) and, for more info and pictures, head to the British Rowing news pages here


Well done chaps!





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