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The club have recently been able to buy a significant number of new boats to add to the existing fleet. In light of this the committee would like to take this timely opportunity to review and introduce a formal ‘boat use’ policy to ensure that our new and existing boats remain in the best possible condition for everyone to go fast in and to enjoy

Racing boats are extremely expensive and equally fragile and we quite obviously cannot enjoy our sport without them. All of our fleet should be treated as the valuable and fragile pieces of equipment they are, even the older ones. This will ensure they remain fast and enjoyable to row for as long as possible.

Below are a few simple rules to try and protect and preserve our boats, old and new. This covers handling boats on and off the water, and which boats it is appropriate for different abilities of rower to use.

If you see boats being mishandled please do point it out and refer people to these rules.

Boat handling


    • If a boat has a cover, this must remain on whist taking it on and off racks
    • For big boats (quads/fours and eights) one person- either the cox or a member of the crew- should responsible for making calls to move the boat
    • LOTS of damage happens to hulls from the riggers of the boat above.
      • On the rolling floor racks, someone needs to hold up the riggers of the boat above when sliding the rack in/out
      • On the other rack the boat must be carefully rolled on from a half turn, on most of our racks there is not space to slide directly in or out.
    • Watch out for the FIN
    • Do not try and lift a boat that is too high for your crew to comfortably reach or too heavy. Ask for help and use the steps. If you are stretched you will not be able to control how you lift the boat and this is when damage happens
    • If you do damage a boat write it in the book so we can fix things promptly

    • Check your boat when you use it, whether you rigged it or not. Things to check:
      • Are the riggers tight?
      • Are the feet tight? This includes the foot stretcher and the shoes themselves on the foot plate
    • If anything is loose tighten it. DO NOT row with loose fittings; this damages the fittings and the hull. If something comes loose whilst you are using it TIGHTEN IT as soon as you can. DO NOT leave it loose for the next person.
    • If something feels wrong i.e. pitches, or there’s something you cannot fix yourself write it in the book

Boat use

All boats are labelled with stickers which indicate three things:





 The table below to see which boat ‘type’ you should be using depending on your ability and the situation.

  • Make sure the person steering your boat is both experienced and confident that they can handle the situation.
  • If you see people using boats they shouldn’t; refer them to the boat use policy.





Wallingford Rowing Club Announces New President


Ken Lester: Wallingford Rowing Club President 


Following the sad death of Bob Elliott at Christmas, Wallingford Rowing Club is pleased to announce that its new President is Ken Lester.


Ken is currently High Steward of Wallingford. He is married to Wallingford town councillor Ros Lester, who will shortly become Wallingford's Mayor.


Ken joined WRC in 1958. At the age of 13, Ken was selected to cox the Men's Coxed Pairs in the 1960 Olympics at Rome, thus becoming Britain's youngest ever male Olympian (a record he still holds). A cox had to train with the crew - Ken had to undergo weekly weigh-ins as he attempted to make the minimum weight. Ken recalls "The only pain was trying to put on weight - the minimum weight was eight stone and I weighed less than seven!" Unfortunately, the competitive part of the Games did not last long as the Coxed Pair finished fifth in their heat, behind the Soviet Union and USA, the eventual silver and bronze medallists. 


Ken went on to row to Elite status. Later, he rowed in the crew who performed the Oxford to Westminster record row of 1970. This crew recently had a reunion in the club bar. 


Ken has been Captain of the club and during his leadership in that role women were admitted to the club for the first time.  He has held other office on the WRC committee. He is a club Trustee. He and Ros are now regular social members, and work hard to help the club, especially for the regatta. 


We are delighted that he has agreed to serve as our President.


Katie Kapernaros



This weekend saw the Diamond Jubilee Rowing Championships taking place at Eton Dorney, and with members of Team GB’s London 2012 rowing squad returning to race in their club colours, competition was tough. Wallingford Rowing Club rose to the challenge winning two pennants for the fastest lightweight crews and also taking home two silver medals. On Saturday Lottie Burgess and Kathryn Twyman raced in the Women's doubles, winning a silver medal by finishing second overall and taking the pennant for fastest lightweight crew in a closely fought race. On Sunday they were joined by Brianna Stubbs and Caroline Greves to race in the Women's Quads. After a strong performance in the time trial and semi-finals, the crew went on to push the winning heavyweight Leander crew to less than a length margin, taking the silver medal and pennant for fastest lightweight crew. Off the water, Wallingford Rowing Club's Alice Walker took part helping out on the Young Person's Panel (YPP) and some of her work included interviewing Olympic coach Jurgen Grobler and rowers Greg Searle and Pete Reed.

Winning crews


W.Lwt.2x Lottie Burgess, Kathryn Twyman


W.Lwt.4x Lottie Burgess, Kathryn Twyman, Caroline Greves, Brianna Stubbs

For many of our junior squad members, this was their first experience of a national multi-lane regatta, but the squad held their own across a variety of age groups and categories.

The J164x of Henry Edwards, David Willcox, Alex Lyons and Tim Waller (pictured) performed very well, winning the silver medal in a very competive event.

The second notable result came in the form of the Girl's Championship 2x of Alice Walker and Katie Metalli qualifying for the final of their event, and just missing out on the medals in 4th place.


The Pairs Head of the River took place this weekend. Hundreds of coxless pairs and double sculls took to the course, racing 4k from Chiswick to Hammersmith Bridge. Wallingford had nine crews entered and, although many good results, came away with two great wins. Sean Morris and Colin Cusack won the masters category F/G/H coxless pairs in a very respectable time. Wallingford also finished first and third in the womens elite double sculls with Lottie Burgess and Brianna Stubbs taking first place in the category. It was a good day's racing for the club, helped by the supporters who made their way down to London to cheer the crews on.

Winning crews

MasF/G/H.2- Sean Morris, Colin Cusack W.ELI.2x Lottie Burgess, Brianna Stubbs

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