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To apply for membership please complete the relevant membership form(s) and send them to the Membership Secretary as detailed in the form. We will accept scanned forms sent by email as long as they are signed and payment is made by direct debit. If paying by cheque please post the forms with the cheque as detailed in the form.

Subscription Fees from (effective 1st December 2017)

  Monthly Annual
Full Adult Rowing £39.00 £468.00
Student, Junior, OAP, U25 £29.00 £348.0
Unwaged £12.00 £144.00
Cox, Coach, Social N/A £39.00
Non-Rowing (Gym only) £26.00 £312.00
Rack rent per seat (inc EA licence)    
Inside £23.00 £276.00
Outside £17.00 £204.00

Please note that racks are not automatically available, there is a waiting list held by the club captain.


  1. Rowing members may use all facilities of the club including boats and training equipment under the direction of the club captain.
  2. Cox membership is for active coxes, who may use all facilities of the club EXCEPT boats other than to cox crews. Cox membership does not give entitlement to row or scull as well. All coxes must wear a buoyancy aid or lifejacket while on the water, in accordance with the Amateur Rowing Association Water Safety Code of Practice.
  3. OAP Rowing membership is available to members who have reached State Retirement Age, and allows all of the benefits of full rowing membership.
  4. Unwaged rowing membership likewise allows the benefits of full rowing membership, and is available to unemployed members and/or those drawing state benefits.
  5. Non-rowing members may use all of the facilities of the club except boats and rafts. Use of any training equipment shall be under the direction of the Club Captain.
  6. Social members may use all of the facilities of the club except boats and training equipment.
  7. If this is an initial application the completed form should be passed to the Membership Secretary as described overleaf, together with your payment. The election of new members is dealt with by the committee, which meets approximately every month. The membership secretary will inform you when you have been elected and of your election month, and provide you a copy of the club rules. In the unlikely event of you not being elected, your subscription will be refunded in full. If you have any queries about the completion of this form, please contact any member of the Club Committee - an existing member of the club should be able to advise you who to approach.
  8. Subscriptions become due for renewal on the last day of the member's month of election each successive year, at rates to be decided by the membership at the AGM.
  9. DATA PROTECTION ACT: Your name, address and membership details are held in a database, for the convenience of the club (for sending out emails, newsletters, meeting announcements etc.). If you wish to inspect these details, or if you do not wish this information to be held in this way, please advise the membership secretary in writing and you will either be sent a copy, or all of your details will be deleted from the database, as you wish.
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