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The High Performance Group at Wallingford exists to enable talented athletes to fulfil their potential on the national and international rowing scenes. The group has had long-term success with lightweight women, both at U23 (Ellie Piggott, Bri Stubbs, Lottie Burgess) and senior level (Kathryn Twyman, Helen Casey, Andrea Dennis, Jen Goldsack). However, we have also had success with heavyweight women (Lindsey Maguire, Alice Freeman) and lightweight men (Paul Mattick, Nick English).

The advantages of training with the group are that the programme is: tailored to the GB trials process; run by international-standard coaches; focused on sculling in singles; of greater volume than you would generally find at club or university level; totally flexible to fit around study or work; and is alongside international-level athletes, all of which will give you a greater chance of fulfilling your international potential.

The group trains twice a day, six days a week, the first session on the water and the second on the land. Ideally both sessions are done in the morning however there is the possibility of doing the first water session earlier if you need to be away for work or university, and/or doing the land training session in the evening. Most of the current squad are in this position, and successfully combine the training with their jobs or degrees. The general ethos of the group is that each individual is in control of their training and can, in consultation with the coaches, adapt it to suit their needs.

Members of the group are expected to have their own single, but the club has several that can be borrowed initially. For more information about trialling with Wallingford please contact the Captain.


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